Our principles
  • We believe technology has great potential in resolving and preventing conflict. Our work revolves around this principle.

  • We are complete transparent with our stakeholders. They are

         our partners.

  • We combine local excellence with world-proven methods, and operate with the backing of international experts.  

  • We seek holistic, multidisciplinary approaches to challenges.

  • We believe that revisiting and re-evaluating are necessary to achieving lasting results.

  • We emphasize open and constant communication among our

         team and clients.

  • GeoA strives to become a more diverse, inclusive, gender

         balanced organisation.

  • We strive to offset our travel emissions and envisage becoming carbon neutral by 2021 

Our Operational Team

Eduard Peris i Deprez defended his PhD at King’s College Department of War Studies (London) in December 2017 (focusing on the militarization of humanitarian aid) and holds a Masters of International Relations from Columbia University –New York– (SIPA), as well as a BBA & MBA from ESADE Business School (Barcelona). After two years as the Niger Country Director for USAID’s countering violent-extremism flagship program for the Sahel, he has recently supported the United States Institute of Peace (USIP) on a police reform program in the Sahel and Northern Africa. 

Claudia K. Giglio holds a Master in Violence, Conflict and Development from the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. She has a multisectorial experience coordinating projects within the humanitarian/development sector as well as the private sector in Africa and Asia. Claudia has worked in Burkina Faso, China, Ghana, Kenya, Mauritania, Niger and Somalia.

Eduard Peris Deprez
Founder & Sr. Advisor
Claudia K. Giglio
Program Manager

Marounfa Souley is GeoA's Admin and Finance Director. He holds a master's degree in finance and accounting from the University fo Niamey and has worked for over 12 years with NGOs such as the  International Rescue Committee, Médecins du monde and Appuis aux initiatives Paysannes.

Abdoul Azize Sani holds a Bachelor in accounting and business management from the Institut des Sciences Informatiques,  d’Economie et de Management. Azize was previously working for the USAID programme PDEV II from October 2013 to December 2016. First as a finance assistant, and then as a finance officer. Azize is currently the finance and logistic officer at GeoA.

Marounfa Souley
Admin and Finance Manager
Abdoul Azize Sani
Operations Officer

Souwaiba Ibrahim holds a degree in Private law and Judicial careers, a double Master in Business Law and Judicial Careers and in Law and Judicial Institutions. She is a PhD candidate in Criminal Law. She has worked for Caritas Développement in Niger, Amnesty International in Benin and UNODC. She has experience working on subjects of death penalty, human illicite trafficking; transnational organized crime; Terrorism and Cybercrime. She is a Lecturer at the Faculty of Law and Political Science in Niamey.

Jofre Rocabert holds a PhD from the Centre for Comparative and International Studies at ETH Zurich and a Master of Research in politics by the University of Konstanz. He advises GeoA on quantitative data collection methods and data processing. His academic work concentrates on the politics of international organizations He has civil leadership and media experience. 

Souwaiba Ibrahim
Program Officer
Jofre Rocabert
Research Manager

Mireia Mesalles is the Creative and Art director at GeoAnalytics Center. She is a founding member of the organisation and is responsible for its visual identity. After studying Art History, Mireia graduated from Barcelona's La Massana art & design Institute. She speaks five languages and spends her time outside of GeoA developing  cultural and art projects.

Mame Thiaba Diagne is interested in social issues in sahelian Africa. After a curriculum in literature, she held a master's degree in International relations, with a specialisation on subasaharan Africa from Sciences Po Lyon. She has carried out several missions in organisations in Senegal and Niger.  She is familiar with the innovation and tech ecosystem in Niger, as she has spent one year working in the first business incubator.

Mireia Mesalles
Creative Director
Mame Thiaba Diagne
Program Officer

Leyhana Seyni holds a Master's degree in Development Communication and a Bachelor's degree in Media Production from the "Institut de formation aux techniques de l’information et de communication" (IFTIC). She is also renown youth leader. Leyhana is also the Winner of the 2018 Short Film Festival, organised by GeoA.

Abdulayé Samri Ibrahim is a renowned nigerien director and sound engineer with 17 years of experience in the audiovisual industry. He compliments his work at GeoA with his position at CIRTEF (International Council of Radios and Televisions of French Expressions). He also consistently supports young Nigerien filmmakers.

Leyhana Seyni
Program Officer
Abdulaye Samri Ibrahim
Program Officer
Our IT experts

Ousmane Lalo Maman Sanoussi is a graduate of the Technical High School of Maradi, where he obtained a bachelor & master's degree in networks and telecommunications. Lalo is a versatile computer and telecommunication.
He has supported a variety of international development agencies, embassies, and private sector companies by deploying, diagnosing and fixing their networks and systems.

Latifa is a software engineer and entrepreneur. She is promoting the startup InnovElle. Latifa won Miss Geek Africa in Rwanda in 2018. She is passionate about IT, humanitarian and social affairs and positive changes.

She is leading the project Saro App, an application which reduce intervention time for first aider and provides advices on first aid.

Ousmane Lalo Maman Sanoussi
Tech officer
Latifa Salissou H. Yari
Tech officer

Malika Felicien Bewa is a computer engineer of the Ecole Supérieure de Gestion d'Informatique of Cotounou where she specialised in cybersecurity and network management. She previously worked in a multinational telecoms company, where she was responsible for network management.

Nathan Adahou is a computer engineer from the prestigious Pan African institute IAI. With more than five years of experience in computer engineering, and passionate about ICTs, he is pushing forward developing ICTs in Niger

Malika Felicien Bewa
Tech officer
Nathan Adahou
Tech officer
Our thematic experts

Lea specialises in gender and migration, having several years’ experience in EU migration and refugee policies. A German national, she holds degrees in Economics from Vienna University of Business and Economics, in Human Rights Law from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London, and is currently completing a Master of Public Administration (MPA) at Columbia University in New York. As a Senior Program Manager with GeoA, leads on business development. 

Lea von Martius
Gender Advisor

Matt Herbert focuses on security sector reform and border security in the Maghreb and Sahel, where he has designed and implemented capacity building programs for security agencies, and has developed assessments on security service capacity, security service training, security service-community engagement, border security, and migration trends. In 2016-2017, he was seconded to the U.S. Institute of Peace as a Security Sector Reform expert. Mr. Herbert is pursuing a Ph.D. at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University, and holds an M.A. from the Fletcher School.

Matt Herbert
Security Sector Advisor

Dr. Edward B. Rackley is a conflict, security and governance specialist with a geographical emphasis on sub-Saharan Africa. Technical skills include program development, monitoring and evaluation, conflict analysis, public sector reform, voice and accountability, rule of law, security sector reform, governance and civilian protection among others. Dr. Rackley holds doctoral and master’s degrees in political philosophy from the New School for Social Research, New York. His doctoral dissertation addressed the moral logic of humanitarian intervention. He is fluent in French.

Dr. Edward B. Rackley
M&E Advisor

Marc Belzunces is a Data Scientist and GIS specialist. His work is in areas of data acquisition, data wrangling, data visualization, data segmentation, statistics, analytics, spatial analysis, reporting, web mapping and others. He holds a degree in Geology, working as scientist in the Spanish National Research Council. In parallel, Marc has collaborated, as a volunteer, with several NGO over the years, building and coordinating teams.

Marc Belzunces
GIS Analyst

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