Increasing Access to security laws


In the face of growing threats, Niger is reinforcing the presence of its security forces throughout its territory. However, larger security operations may also spark tensions with the population, particularly if their legal role is unclear to civil society. 


To anticipate potential issues, The GeoAnalytics Center is collaborating with DCAF- Geneva Centre for Security Sector Governance with the objective of making Niger’s security sector laws openly accessible for the first time. The new legal repository will facilitate the work of parliament members, NGOs, civil society and journalists working on security and related topics in the country. 


Access to the law is an important prerequisite of good governance and we are glad to support DCAF advance its mission in the region.

Niger is gearing up for an upcoming exponential increase in internet penetration. 3G networks are spreading and cheaper mobile phones now carry social media apps. However, an exponential increase in the use of social media also carries great risks. Already, some groups in the Sahel are developing effective online media campaigns and fake news, as well as hate speech, are spreading at a rapid pace.

GeoA will provide youth leaders with critical thinking and media literacy (MIL) training and mentoring, and will also support them in creating their own novel VE counternarratives.


Esprit critique et fake news

International Center for Migration

To increase data availability and knowledge on public service delivery, as well as the communication between government and citizens, Counterpart International has selected GeoA to provide and test a pilot web-based application to collect data on service provisions, including a mapping capacity to show the geographic distribution of citizen inputs. The web-based platform will also serve as a two-way communication system for citizens to enter requests, complaints, information and other indicators on public service delivery in the areas of health, education, security, and accountability via their mobile phones, and for government officials to directly react to citizen complaints.


The Rapid-pro web-based application will be developed and tested in the regions of Niamey I and Tillaberi. It will be designed to be transferable to any number of regions and communes. The rollout in these region will provide the experience to extend the project to all areas as additional funding is secured.

Citizen-led communications platform

Counterpart International

Youth Act!

 Mercy Corps

The GeoAnalytics Center is a proud partner of Mercy Corps and JMED, supporting its Youth Act program in Niger. Leyhana, GeoAnalytic’s Program Officer and award-winning filmmaker, will work alongside Tillabéri youth to develop their own peace-building videos for dissemination on local social media platforms, countering existing extremist narratives. The videos will mostly be produce by the youth, with GeoA providing technical support.

Positive Masculinities

           Mercy Corps

Overcoming gender issues is as much about working with women as it is about working with men. GeoA will work with Mercy Corps to identify young men who are particularly sensitive to gender issues in the Abala refugee camp, and celebrate their actions by filming a series of short films. The films will be directed by Nigerien young and upcoming film directors who have previously received an intensive 6 day cinema training at GeoA’s TechHouse.

"Mon école numérique" 



The Geoanalytics Center is proud to partner with UNICEF and the Nigerien Ministries of Primary and Secondary Education to increase acces to technology in the schools of Niger. "Mon école numérique" is providing content and training for the use of solar powered tablets to schools in five regions of Niger. We are also grateful to Orange for sharing their local experiences on the subject with us!

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