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Aiguisons l’esprit critique!

Together we will block fake news

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Niger is gearing up for an upcoming exponential increase in internet penetration. 3G networks are spreading and cheaper mobile phones now carry social media apps. However, an exponential increase in the use of social media also carries great risks. Already, some groups in the sahel are developing effective online media campaigns and fake news, as well as hate speech, are spreading at a rapid pace.

To counter this effect, Usaid/OTI's Niger Community Cohesion Program (NCCI), implemented by

IOM, has selected GeoA to empower youth from Tillabéri to counter violent extremism by enabling them to identify and creatively act upon disinformation, propaganda and hate speech.

GeoA will provide youth leaders with critical thinking and media literacy (MIL) training and mentoring, and will also support them in creating their own novel VE counternarratives.


We are particularly proud to work with @Camille Larmanou .


Partner:  International Center for Migration (OTI funding)

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